Sanyo Massage Chairs

What happens when a company that knows electronics and motors produces a massage chair? Well, you can expect a high quality product that you’ll probably be happy with for a long time.

About Sanyo

Sanyo Fischer Company has been around since 1961. They’re well known for having their name stamped on a whole slew of products – digital cameras, audio products, microwaves, telephones, vacuum cleaners, LCD projectors, you name it…

Sanyo massage chairs are made in Japan, which is also the location of the Research and Development facilities for other Sanyo product divisions.

Sanyo combines new technology with lessons they learn in other areas (like motors and applied technology) to help guide their massage chair product development.

Sanyo Massage Chair Features

Sanyo’s massage loungers include a long list of added features. Some really cool ones that stand out are…

  • Zero gravity technology
  • Stiffness detection sensors
  • Gk rollers

    Here’s a brief description of each…

    Zero Gravity Technology. As the name implies, this feature positions your body under the same zero gravity conditions of outer space!

    You can adjust the seat, back rest, and leg rest to distribute your body weight in a way that reduces the load on your back.

    Cool thing is you can do this by pushing a button.

    You’ll actually be shifted into a relaxing and comfortable position - similar to the position developed for astronauts by the U.S. space program. And the result?

    One very soothing massage session.

    If this feature sounds appealing to you, Sanyo’s zero gravity massage chairs are the HEC-DR7700K and HEC-RX1 models.

    Exclusive Stiffness Detection Sensor. This feature allows for a truly customized massage. How?

    A short evaluation is performed that monitors your body temperature, perspiration, and pulse rate. The information is used to give you a more tailored massage that focuses on your most stiff and tense areas.

    Very cool.

    Models with stiffness detection include a display that informs you of the massage status and any areas of stiffness that were detected.

    Included with the HEC-DR7700K, HEC-SA5000, and HEC-SR1000K.

    Gk Rollers. These are thumb-shaped rollers that reach out and gently squeeze your neck and the tops of both your shoulders. This mimics the very effective “grasping and kneading” techniques used by professional massage therapists.

    Included with the HEC-DR7700K, HEC-SA5000.

    No matter which Sanyo massage chair you choose, you’re definitely getting a high quality product.




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