Sanyo HEC-RX1 Massage Chair

The Sanyo HEC-RX1 massage chair recliner has a sleek and stylish modern look that would suit any décor. It’s made of leather upholstery and is available in black, cream or brown.

A comfortable zero gravity position can be achieved at the push of a button. The entire chair adjusts automatically to distribute your body weight while taking a load off your back. A 30-degree angle is used to help maximize your comfort level while you receive your massage.

There’s a built-in control panel that moves with the armrest to allow for easy operation in any position.

Some of the operations you’ll find on the control panel include…

    • 2 programs – Stretch or Relax
    • One-touch operation moves to Home or Zero-Gravity position
    • Independent footrest adjustment button
    • Reclining adjustment button
    • Emergency stop button
    • Power button with indicator

There are 8 large airbags built into the HEC-RX1 that inflate and deflate in predetermined sequences.

You can choose the Stretch Course for full body tension relief or the Relax program for a more gentle experience.

The airbags stretch your muscles to loosen up tension while giving you a gentle massage.

A smooth power reclining system will help maximize your comfort level. The seat, backrest, and leg rest move together in a smooth reclining motion that will allow you to find the position that is most comfortable for you.

The footrest can be adjusted, and the adjustable headrest will come in handy if you want to read or watch tv during your massage.

An extra wide 24 inch seat will accommodate most body type.

Sanyo HEC-RX1 Features:

• 8 large airbags for full body relief. Inflate and deflate independently in predetermined sequences. There are two programs:

a) Stretch: for full body tension relief
b) Relax: offers gentle treatment and improves circulation

• Adjustable headrest allows you to personalize the feel of the chair

• Luxury wide seat designed to accommodate most body type

• Built-in control panel moves with armrest so you can easily reach the controls no matter which position you're in

• Premium leather covering

• Emergency stop button for safety

• Power button with indicator light

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