Panasonic Massage Chair

You can expect a Panasonic massage chair to be made with exceptional quality and design.

In fact, Panasonic massage recliners were the first to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

Panasonic Massage Chair Common Features

panasonic massage chair

Panasonic’s beautiful line of chairs typically include…

Dual-Use Ottoman System. This allows for a more complete, contoured lower body massage of your shins, calves and feet. A stretch system is included that helps remove stiffness in your lower back, hips and thighs.

This is possible because the air system in the ottoman gently squeezes your legs while it lowers and raises them in small increments.

Multiple massage modes. The more massage modes you have, the better you can customize your massage experience to your preferences.

Float mechanism. Simulates the movements of a rotating wrist for a real-life-like massage.

Panasonic’s massage chairs are available in three different classes:

  • Swede-Atsu
  • Real Pro Elite
  • Real Pro Ultra

What's the difference? Glad you asked. Here's a breakdown…


This is Panasonic’s basic massage chair model. It’s a quality massage recliner that includes the base level features of Panasonic massage chairs.

Real Pro Elite

The main addition to the RealPro Elite is Body Scan Technology.

And what is that?

It’s a technology that's designed to deliver a massage that's personalized for your body.

Upon activation, pressure sensors on the massage heads scan your back for 20 seconds or so. A virtual map of your back is created, and the sensors also locate the tops of your shoulders.

Based on the scan results, the massage you receive is contoured to your height and spine’s curvature.


Other features of the Real Pro Elite over the Swede-Atsu are…

  • more massage air bags – twice as many
  • waist and hip massage
  • stores more programs (for multiple users)
  • more total massage area
  • foot and sole massage
  • ultra soft synthetic leather
  • voice activation guide
  • timer

Real Pro Ultra

Panasonic's Real Pro Ultra Deep is available in two different versions - one that is exclusive to The Sharper Image and the other to Premier Health Products. More about this in a second...

For now, the RealPro Ultra is the only massage chair in the world that includes the Junetsu massage technique.

Junetsu is a Japanese word – it means “ultra fine kneading”. Highly skilled massage therapists use this circular ultra-kneading technique to loosen up tight muscles.

Junetsu focuses more on muscle tissue directly while minimizing movement of your skin. That makes it more effective than other techniques for releasing muscle tension.

More additions to the Real Pro Ultra:

  • larger number of massages modes for increased customization
  • has a larger total body massage area – one of the industry’s largest
  • grasp and closed massage for neck and shoulders
  • increased memory capability
  • electronic height and width adjustment
  • 3D back scanning

Reflexology foot massage is another nice addition to the RealPro Ultra series. Reflexology is an alternative therapy that helps…

  • promote relaxation,
  • improve circulation,
  • reduce pain, and
  • soothe tired feet.

    If you spend long hours at a computer, you’ll also appreciate the arm and hand massage features.

    The Sharper Image vs Premier Health Products

    Both versions are neck and neck in most areas, but the only thing that stood out about the Sharper Image version is that it has a slightly bigger massage area - including waist and arm air massage.

    I also think it looks slightly cooler, but that's just my opinion.

    Panasonic’s massage chairs may be pricier than others on the market, but you know that you’re going to receive a high quality product that you’ll be happy with for a long time.

    Panasonic EP30005 Real Pro Ultra Deep

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