Panasonic Ep3222 Massage Chair

The Panasonic ep3222 massage chair is truly a resource of relief for many people and is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

In fact, all Panasonic massage chairs are. With body scan technology, you receive a personalized massage that is unique to your body type. When you sit, your back is scanned so the tops of your shoulders can be found, and then you are able to receive a personalized massage.

The range with the back massage mechanism is 30", so no matter your size you should have a nice massage which is personalized to you.

There are 18 different programs, and you can personalize and save up to three programs, so three different people can have their own uniquely programmed massages.

There are 5 kinds of deep massage that have been pre-programmed into the massage chair, including:

•Shiatzu •Deep •Swedish •Stretch •Quick

The massages are performed by a flat float mechanism which makes the massages feel more as if they are being performed by a human hand. This provides optimum comfort and relief from stiff muscles, muscle soreness and other issues that an individual may have.

This is a great chair to utilize between chiropractic appointments, and even the American Chiropractic Association thinks so.

Full Features List:

• Body Scan Technology • Remote with LED Screen and Voice Guide • 18 Different Programs Including 3 Personalized Massage Programs • Full Body Air Massage System Targeting Hips, Thighs, Calves, Shins and Feet. • 10 Massage Modes Including 2 modes each of Kneading, Rolling, Swedish, Shiatzu and Tapping. • Fashioned in Very Soft, Synthetic Leather. • 9'' Extending Leg Ottoman. • Total Massage Area of 188 Inches for Optimum Performance. • Power Reclining. • 30" Massage Range.

The Panasonic ep3222 massage chair is one of a kind and is full of features that are attractive to everyone.

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