Panasonic EP30005 Real Pro Ultra Deep Massage Chair

The Panasonic EP30005 Real Pro Ultra Deep massage chair is packed with the most advanced features and sophisticated technology ever developed.

First and foremost, the Panasonic EP30005 encompasses the most advanced body scanning technology ever produced. It scans and records the outline of the entire body, and automatically adapts the massage to fit the shape.

It has 1,117 possible massage combinations to suit every possible massage needs.

First ever depth control technology that allows adjustment of how far the rollers extend into the back. There are three levels of intensity – soft, medium and strong. For an authentic shoulder massage, the Panasonic EP30005 contains pivoting rollers that grips the shoulders for the most realistic massage ever invented.

There are 22 high-powered air bags to deeply massage targeted areas along the legs. For the feet, the Panasonic EP30005 incorporates ‘reflexology plates’ that strikes the right acupressure spots.

The customized massage technology allows adjustment of the depth, height, width and intensity of the massage for personal preference and saves the data for future sessions.

There are five automatic massage programs at a push of a button:

• Shiatsu• Swedish• Deep• Arm Stretch• Leg Stretch

There are seven primary massage styles:

• Shiatsu• Junetsu• Rolling• Swedish• Kneading• Tapping• Compression

The independent leg rest allows length and position adjustments to suit for personal preference. The 30” stroke length guarantees that the full length of the back will be massaged. This is the longest stroke length out on the market today.

The Panasonic EP30005 has a 170o decline capability that permits lying almost flat which allows for a more comfortable and relaxing massage treatment.Features at a Glance:• Advanced Body Scanning Technology• 1,117 massage combinations• Depth Control Technology with 3 levels of intensity: soft, medium and hard• Shoulder Grip Technology• 22 high-powered air bags• Acupressure reflexology plates• Customized Massage Technology• Five automatic massage programs: Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep, Arm Stretch and Leg Stretch• Seven primary massage styles: Shiatsu, Junetsu, Rolling, Swedish, Kneading, Tapping and Compression• Independent Leg Rest• 30” stroke length• 170o decline capabilityIt comes with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry – 5-year parts and labor warranty and 1 year home service. The warranty covers both electrical and structural parts.

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