Omega Montage Premier Massage Recliner Chair

With its advanced high-technology capabilities and numerous sophisticated features, the Omega Montage Premier massage chair rivals any first-rate massage chair out on the market today.

The Montage Premier features the Auto Body Detection System. An infrared body scan measures your shoulder height, records the curvature of your spine and locates your acupressure points. It then processes the body data and customizes your massage just for you.

There are five full-body automatic massage programs, each designed for a specific purpose. They are:

• Relaxation
• Activation
• Vitality
• Night
• Morning

There's also four massage techniques that provide different types of massages.

• Kneading
• Tapping
• Rolling
• Combination (Kneading/Tapping)

For your back and neck areas, the Montage Premier offers four different massage courses for the back and two courses for the neck. Just manually adjust the back rollers up and down to target a specific area...

• Whole Back
• Thoracic
• Cervical
• Lumbar
• Upper Neck
• Lower Neck

There are three levels of massage intensities – low, medium and high.

There are four massage-rollers in the backrest that can be adjusted to different widths to accommodate any size.

In the seat and the footrest of the Montage Premier, there are four different levels of air pressure that massages the various muscles to help soothe away aches and pain.

The footrest itself contains the Footflex massage system that is a combination of reflexology and acupressure massage.

There are four separate air massage operations for the buttocks, thighs, feet/calves and arms/hands. Massages can be timed from 5 to 30 minutes with 5-minute increment adjustment.

The Lower Body Traction feature helps further soothe and relax by stretching out your lower body muscles.

Heat therapy in the backrest, seat and footrest relaxes your whole body and further contributes to the effects of the deep and penetrating massage experience.

If you have longer legs, you'll appreciate the adjustable footrest that extends 4 inches.

There's also a recline angle of 115-175 degrees.

You can use the built-in MP3 player with headphones to combine music and massage - one of the most powerful therapeutic combinations out there.

The remote control has five different types of massages automatically pre-programmed that can be activated with one touch.

It comes with a five-year warranty on the frame and three-year warranty on parts.

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