Omega Massage Chairs

Take one look at a line-up of Omega massage chairs and the word "beautiful" comes to mind.

About Omega Massage

Omega Massage produces a beautiful line of massage chairs that are packed with features.

From the company website:
“Omega Massage is dedicated to designing and crafting massage chairs that are striking in appearance and aesthetically appealing. We want you to be able to place your massage chair in any room. We try to add designer touches such as wood grains, side tables, etc.”

The part about designing chairs that are “striking in appearance” has certainly been accomplished.

Omega Massage claims to use customer feedback to help guide their choices about what features should be included with their chairs.

They also claim that…

1. they enforce strict procedures during production of each massage chair, and

2. they put all chairs through rigorous quality testing before packaging and shipment.

A very generous 5 year limited warranty is also included with each chair.

Omega Massage Chair Features

The company says their chairs are known for giving “one of the strongest massages on the market”.

In addition to using popular massage techniques - kneading, tapping, rolling and squeezing, other common features include…

Air massage. Air bags are embedded inside the back, seat and leg area of each massage chair. They inflate when you activate the air massage feature.

They work by gently squeezing and then releasing your muscles. Massage therapists often use this same technique.

Reflexology. Several nodules placed inside the foot channels raise the arch of your foot, and airbags gently squeeze and stretch your foot. This helps to release stored tension.

Remote control. You can control the action by pushing buttons - timer included.

And last but not least (allow me to share my personal opinion)…

Sleek design is another common feature of each Omega massage chair. Just looking at pictures of them makes you want to sink back into one and forget about the world.

Omega Massage Chair Models

M-5000 DLX: This model has a manual program or 5 auto programs – 3 upper body and 2 lower body programs.

M-2 Negative-Ion: Choose from 3 different auto programs – overall, back, and waist. Negative ions help purify the air by causing allergens like dust, pollen, mold spores, and animal dander floating in the air to attract to and stick to each other.

Clumps of particles form that become heavy enough for gravity to pull them down to the floor.

From there they can be vacuumed rather than staying in suspension to be breathed in.

OM-700: Omega Massage says this is “the ONLY massage chair programmed to massage according to the user’s true acupressure points!”

This massage lounger automatically searches and memorizes your physique, then tailors a massage according to your weight against the chair. It’s made of a high grade ox hide for a high quality leather that’s soft but durable.

To enhance comfort, there’s an added ergonomically designed dual headrest pillow. This chair also comes with a built-in MP3 player and a set of headphones.

OM-510: Like the OM-700, this model also has a dual head rest pillow and physique memory built in for a more tailored massage. You can choose low, medium or high massage intensity, and the 3D air pressure system will massage your buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet for a true head-to-toe massage.

Here's a cool video review of the OM-510 made by the owner of Just click the play button at the bottom of the video image.

Synke M-5000: The feature that stands out about this chair is the dual mechanism kneading and tapping that can be performed together.

One uncommon feature I haven’t seen in any other massage chair is the synchronized MP3 player. The music is synchronized with the massage intensity and speed.

Pretty cool.

Auto body scanning is built in also.

Montage M-3000: European arm designs are a part of this model design. The kneading/tapping combo is included with the Montage, as well as heat and vibration therapy. Auto body scan is included.

If you stand a lot or exercise regularly, you’ll probably appreciate the 6 air bags positioned around your calf area to loosen up those calf muscles and give you an effective lower leg massage.

The Montage even has a very cool LCD remote control that lets you control virtually everything at the push of a button.

Ultima M-1000: The M-1000 has a more conservative-but-comfortable look. It’s less expensive than the other models but it includes all the functions that makes Omega massage chairs the quality loungers that they are.

Elegante S-3000: This chair has a very unique modern design. 6 air bags are included around your lower leg area, kneading and tapping combo included. A total body air massage (using air bags) is available at the push of a couple of buttons.

OM Lavi Venus: Made with beautiful genuine Italian leather, a number of different preset programs are available…

5 to 30 minutes timer settings with 5 minute increments

A short 15-minute treatment

Had a real hard day? You can set a program that can be adjusted up to a max of 99 minutes!

Omega had this to say about this feature:

“A short 2-minute relaxing massage puts your body at ease and ready to sleep. Thereafter, Rest Time Massage gradually comes to a stop so that you may have some undisturbed sleep. Lastly, the program activates the massage with 2 minutes left, and gradually awakens you.”

Have stress or tightness in a particular area? You can choose a massage that targets your shoulder or back area. A fixed massage will freeze the rollers wherever you prefer.

In summary, one thing is for sure…

No matter which Omega massage chair you choose, you’ll probably be a satisfied customer.

Omega M-2 Orion

OM-510 Prestigio

Omega Montage Elite

Omega Montage Premier

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