Omega M-2 Orion
Massage Recliner Chair

Review of the M-2 Orion Negative Ion Massage Chair

The Omega M-2 Orion massage chair is a sleek and elegantly styled chair that is loaded with features.

omega m2 orion negative ion massage chair

The M-2 Orion also has an innovative twist which I'll talk about in a little bit...

First of all, there's 3 auto programs: overall, back, and waist.

The kneading and pinching massage mechanism is designed to imitate a masseuse’s pull, press and kneading motions.

You'll have different massage settings to choose from. There's

  • Pinpoint Massage

  • Lower Body Thigh and Calf Massage

  • Vibrating Massage

  • Adjustable Speed Massage Settings

Both the backrest and footrest are adjustable to help maximize comfort.

Massage Functions:

Here's a list of massage functions in addition to the 3 auto programs and kneading and pinching functions:

Finger pressing massage – imitates the hand finger pressing of a masseuse

Swaying massage – gently adjusts your spinal column and ligaments

Vibrating massage – promotes blood circulation in your capillary vessels

Thigh massage – eight massage-heads massage the thigh area mitigating aches and giving relief

Calf massage – kneading massage in calf with flexible massage-heads

Fixed position massage – pinpoints massage heads to specific spots

Timed massage – automatically shuts off when time is up to avoiding wasting energy

The most advanced and innovative feature of Omega's M-2 Orion is the negative ion feature.

It's designed to raise the oxygen density in the air around you. Increased oxygen density has been shown to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue.

The remote control lets you call all the shots. You can choose from either manual or automatic massages and you can choose to focus your massage on particular parts of your body.

There is a storage space for the remote under the armrest.

The seat massage gives a thoroughly invigorating massage. There are eight rotary massage heads plus a vibrator and three levels of intensity. An extra seat cushion is provided in case the lowest level is too strong.

The leg rest has a mechanical kneading system to soothe the legs. The leg rest is extendable so that the kneading system can be adjusted to massage where you need it on the legs.

The M-2 can be adjusted from 115 degrees to a 170 degree angle. It is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.

Features List of the M-2 Orion Massage Chair

• 3 Auto Programs: Overall; Back; and Waist

• Kneading and Pinching Massage

• Finger pressing massage

• Swaying massage
v• Vibrating massage

• Thigh massage

• Calf massage

• Fixed position massage

• Timed massage

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