Family INADA Massage Chairs

Family INADA is a Japanese company that started in 1962.

INADA’s only specialty is in the massage therapy arena, and they produce massage chairs for both home and office.

INADA also holds numerous international patents for their proprietary designs.

INADA Massage Chair Models

INADA’s massage chair line up includes the…

  • Sogno (Models Models HCP-10100A & HCP-10001A)
  • Robostic (HCP-D6A)
  • Robo (HCP-D5A)
  • i2A (HCP-i2A)

    INADA Sogno

    The Sogno is currently INADA's newest model, and what a beauty it is!

    Sogno means dream in Italian, making Sogno the perfect name for this luxurious massage recliner chair.

    Take a peek at this video. It's about 9 mins long.

    (For a low price on the Sogno, click the following link, then click on Inada:

    With a huge massage coverage area (over 1,200 square inches), there won’t be many body parts untouched with the Sogno.

    There’s a built in neck and shoulder massage unit that will massage the tops of your shoulders and the back of your neck.

    There’s also a full arm massage feature. Twenty air cells will massage each of your arms in a rhythmic choreographed sequence. The massage extends from your shoulders down to your fingers!

    The back scan feature is the most impressive (in my opinion). Before you begin your massage program, position the chair for comfort, then relax.

    When you've chosen your program, INADA SOGNO begins a scan of your back. Your profile will be compared to 106 stored profiles.

    The massage chair will then match your profile to the nearest stored profile and provide you with a totally customized massage.

    INADA Robostic

    The Robostic offers 10 pre-programmed, 15-minute massage sequences. There’s a neat joystick interface that allows you to manage pinpoint-accurate adjustments of your massage.

    The 3D Roller Mechanism is a cool feature. It pushes the rollers out for a deeper massage or withdraws the rollers for a more gentle massage. The rollers rotate just like real human wrists and copy the movements of a massage professional.

    Optical sensors will scan your back and compare your profile to 100 stored profiles. The Robostic then matches your profile to the nearest stored profile and provide you with a customized massage.

    With the Joystick Manual Control System, you can control all aspects of your massage. The Robostic can also memorize five minutes of any customized massage, which can be repeated with the push of a button.

    INADA Robo

    Like the Sogno and the Robostic, the Robo also has a 3D Roller Mechanism and optical sensors.

    One feature that sets the Robo apart is the voice activated control system. There’s an extensive set of voice commands that allow you to fully control the chair with the sound of your voice.

    You can change massage programs, turn features on and off, and you can tell your chair to recline or sit upright... all without pushing one single button.

    The Robo offers 5 pre-programmed, 15-minute massage sequences:

    • Full Body Relief,
    • Stiff Shoulders,
    • Lower Back Tension,
    • Morning, and
    • Nighttime.

    In addition to programmed massage, manual programs allow you to make massage adjustments with precision.

    INADA i2A

    The i2A is another beautiful massage chair that is made with 100% synthetic leather upholstery and includes stylish wood accents. It's a feature rich massage chair that includes...

    • remote control with a dual LCD display,
    • 8 massage program sessions
    • 10 different upper body controls
    • 3 lower body modes

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