iJoy Massage Chair

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Some of the words that I've seen used to describe an iJoy massage chair include bold, unique, stylish, ugly...

One thing is for sure... Whether you think i Joy massage chairs are attractive or hideous, one thing you can't deny is that they are definitely unique.

Common iJoy Robotic Massage Chair Features

Using catchy colors like red, sage and camel, when I laid eyes on their contemporary designs for the first time, the words “those are unique” instantly came to my mind.

iJoy’s robotic massage system is supposed to replicate a human-like massage.

Four major professional massage techniques are used in each chair:

ijoy massage chair

  • rolling
  • kneading
  • compression
  • percussion

Their human touch massage system utilizes three dimensional movements to follow the contour of your spine, and you have the ability to design a program for customized massages according to your preference.

You can choose from one of three different 15 minute programs:

1. Full - massages your entire back
2. Upper – focuses on your upper back
3. Lower – concentrates on your lower back

Each session will combine all four massage techniques (rolling, kneading, compression, percussion).

iJoy Models

There are plenty of iJoy models to choose from…

  • iJoy 100
  • iJoy 130
  • iJoy 173
  • iJoy 170
  • iJoy 300
  • iJoy 320
  • iJoy 550

iJoy models 100, 130, 170, and 173 are basically the same but they vary a little in size and design.

The iJoy 300 has a power recline feature and therefore costs a little more than the other models (the others are manual recline).

The iJoy 320 is the most expensive model, but it has an integrated calf and foot massager. The others require you to buy that separately (if the option is available at all).

The iJoy 550 allows you to swivel to the left or right.

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iJoy 100 Massage Chair

iJoy 250 Massage Chair

iJoy 130 Massage Chair

iJoy 320 Massage Chair

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