iJoy 320 Massage Chair Recliner

ijoy 320 massage chair

In my opinion, the iJoy 320 massage chair is the most attractive out of Human Touch's iJoy line up.

It also has some features that are not offered with the other iJoy models, such as:

• an adjustable headrest pillow
• larger overall size for added comfort
• handheld remote control
• calf and foot massager

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The adjustable headrest pillow is helpful to maximize comfort and accommodate the users height.

You’ll receive more than just a back massage with the iJoy 320. The built in ottoman will take care of your lower body by massaging the bottoms and sides of your feet and the back of your calves. You can also change the ottoman massage tempo with the slow, fast, or auto option.

The handheld remote makes it easy to change settings without changing positions. There’s also an easily accessible storage pocket for your remote when you’re not using it.

The back rest of the chair reclines electronically and the quad-roller mechanism follows the contour of your spine in an effort to give you a tailored massage.

The iJoy 320 massage chair also includes the four major massage techniques – rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion.

Three programmed massage sessions are available – you can choose a 15 minute session covering your upper, lower, or full back.

iJoy 320 Features include:

    • Electric recline
    • 3 Massage programs (full, upper and lower back sessions)
    • 4 Massage modes (smooth rolling, percussion, kneading and compression)
    • Hidden storage for remote control
    • Hidden wheels for easy mobility
    • Child safety lock

There are lower prices for an iJoy 320 right here at Amazon.com.

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