iJoy 130 Massage Chair Review

The iJoy 130 robotic massage chair by Human Touch has a contemporary look with a smooth micro-suede/nylon mesh material.

ijoy 130 massage chair

There are currently four available colors…

  • black
  • bone
  • red
  • cashew

If you're looking for a quality massage chair at a lower-than-average price, you may not need to look much further.

I've read some very impressive reviews of the 130. Click here for a low price plus actual reviews by owners.

Just below you'll find a link to a video preview.

Before you watch it, I should let you know that the woman in the video is shaking quite a bit from the massage. No, you don't shake like a leaf during your entire massage. It’s a demonstration of the percussion mode at work (one of the four massage modes utilized). Now...

Click here to watch the 3 minute video.


Incorporating Human Touch’s signature Human Touch Technology, you’re able to select from three different 15 minute massage programs. You can even choose which area of your back you want to target.

You can use the full back massage program to put your entire back at ease, or…

Feel some stiffness in your lower back? Easy – just select the lower back program option to help loosen things up. Feeling extra tension in your upper back? You can target just that area if you prefer.

No matter which program you choose, a combination of four major modes of massage will be utilized…

  • rolling
  • kneading
  • percussion
  • compression

The 130 reclines up to 170 degrees to help put you at total ease during your massage.

To further increase comfort, a massage softening pad is also included. Leave the pad on for a less intense massage, or remove it to rev up the intensity.

Wheels are attached to provide easy mobility for your chair, and a child safety lock helps remove possible danger if small children are around.

List Of Features

  • 3 different auto massage programs
  • Retractable massage controller
  • Wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Manual recline lever in an easy-to-reach spot
  • Robotic massage technology
  • Recline up to 170 degree angle
  • Optional ottoman (sold separately)

The iJoy 130 has received solid reviews by owners right here at Amazon.com.

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