iJoy 100 Massage Chair Review

ijoy 100 robotic massage chair

The iJoy 100 robotic massage chair delivers both comfort and relaxation with a plush but firm cushion.

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In a minute I'll share some thoughts on the 100, but let me talk about some of the features first.

Massage Features

You can choose from three 15-minute programs - upper back, lower back, and full back.

All three programs will use a combination of four major massage techniques:

  • kneading,
  • percussion,
  • rolling, and
  • compression.

The built in massagers conform to the curves of your back and spine to help make sure you feel your massage in the right places.

A flexible head rest with a lumbar pillow ensures that you're comfortable while you enjoy your massage.

The back reclines to around 150 degrees. This can help to relax you while the quad roller massage system is taking care of any stiffness or bothersome aches and pains.

Wheels on the bottom of the chair make it easy to move wherever you want it.

If children are around, the built-in child safety lock just might come in handy.

Full Feature List

  • Quad-roller massage mechanism

  • 4 Massage Modes: Kneading, Compression, Percussion, Rolling.

  • 3 Programs: Lower, upper, or full back

  • Manual recline to around 150 Degrees

  • Adjustable headrest/lumbar pillow

  • Two motor massage chair

  • Wheels for ease of relocating the chair.

  • Ottoman (optional add-on)

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The iJoy 100 doesn't fit the "luxury" massage chair category as many other (more expensive) massage chairs do.

There aren't many massage programs to choose from, and you're not going to get a top notch shoulder and neck massage.

If you don’t buy the ottoman (sold separately), you’re not getting a lower body massage either.

Also, there aren't any innovative features like the body scan technology of the Panasonic RealPro Elite or the stiffness detection sensors built into Sanyo massage chairs.

On the upside, owner reviews have been mostly positive. The iJoy 100 will give you quality massages for an excellent value.

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