Human Touch Massage Chairs

Human Touch currently has three different lines of massage chairs:

human touch massage chair

  • iJoy Series
  • HT Series
  • PC Series

iJoy Massage Chairs

iJoy massage chairs have very unique styles and designs.

They’re also priced very affordably.

You can read more about iJoy massage chairs here.

HT Series

The HT series is Human Touch’s more upscale line of massage recliners. The most obvious difference between the HT series and the iJoy series is the design.

The difference is like night and day.

The HT series chairs are made of leather and leather match vinyl (compared to the polyester or suede material of iJoy chairs).

A couple more differences include power recline (versus manual recline) and some HT models include built-in calf and foot massagers. Those are sold separately for the iJoy models.

PC Series

PC stands for Perfect Chair. Human Touch calls these massage recliners “perfect” because of their craftsmanship and design.

The PC chairs are called “zero-gravity” recliners because you can recline to a position where your legs are above your heart. This helps relieve spinal pressure and puts you at total ease during your session.

Human Touch HT-7120 Review - A review of the HT-7120

The technology used in Human Touch massage chairs has been approved by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists (ACCO).

Human Touch (formerly Interactive Health) has been developing massage products for a long time (over twenty years). The company produces a variety of massage and wellness products in addition to massage chair recliners.

One of their products - the EQ-400 Equalizer Foot Pro Massager, was once featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and it has received a few very impressive reviews at

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