HoMedics Scan 1

The HoMedics Scan 1 is a heated massaging recliner with ottoman. It is available in soft faux leather that is both comfortable and beautiful in a wood frame that makes it easy to fit in with any style room.

The HoMedics Scan 1 features include the following:

• A massaging recliner• Vibrating massage in both the chair and the ottoman• Heated massage• 3 different massage programs• 5 massage levels

The three different massaging programs of the HoMedics Scan 1 include an individual massage, zone controlled massage and a variable speed and intensity massage. All three massaging programs of the HoMedics Scan 1 have heating capabilities.

The HoMedics Scan 1 chair has easy reclining for the user’s comfort and can swivel in a complete circle. Massage pads are located in the back of the chair, the seat of the chair as well as the ottoman. Each pad responds to the programmable remote control. The ten motors and vibrating massage of the HoMedics Scan 1 recliner and ottoman provides a fully distributed body massage.

HoMedics Scan 1 offers five different massage options. The five zones of the HoMedics Scan 1 include both the upper and lower back, neck and shoulders, calves and the seat. The three intensity levels of the HoMedics Scan 1 include a low intensity for a more relaxing massage, a medium level for a soothing massage and a high level for a penetrating massage.

The three different massage programs of the HoMedics Scan 1 are a side-to-side massage, up-and-down massage and a massage that offers a variety of speed and intensity.

The HoMedics Scan 1 has kneading, rolling, tapping and combination of tapping and kneading massage modes available. It is also possible to receive a spot massage or a sectional massage. The spot massage of the HoMedics Scan 1 is limited to the kneading modes and centers on a single spot. The sectional massage centers on a four-inch expanse of your body.

The HoMedics Scan 1 offers has a demonstration feature that will enable you to see how it works prior to using it.

Additional Features of the HoMedics Scan 1 include:

• Built-in headrest for comfort• Padded armrests• Easy-to-use reclining lever• AC adapter

The HoMedics Scan 1 is approximately two feet wide and weighs 67 pounds. The HoMedics Scan 1 is easy to assemble and is priced at $550

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