HoMedics SBM 300
Massage Chair Pad Review

homedics sbm 300

The HoMedics SBM 300 Shiatsu Massage Pad is a cheaper and space saving alternative to purchasing a full size massage chair recliner.

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Some of the unique features of the SBM 300 include:

• Programmable control
• A variety of massage programs
• Heated massage (with SBM 300H)
• Fits nearly any chair with a strapping system

The SBM 300 massage cushion can be used with most chairs that the straps will fit. You can use it at home, work or any other place you happen to be.

You can choose a shiatsu style massage or rolling massage. Shiatsu style is a circular, deep kneading massage. If you choose Rolling, you'll experience a gentle up and down action that rolls across your muscles.

You can have a shiatsu or rolling style massage for your full back, upper back, or lower back.

If you have a particular nagging spot, no problem. Use the spot massage feature to target that specific area.

There's a built in heating function with the 300H to help melt away tension, muscle pain and stiffness.

The adjustable width setting lets you adjust the massage rollers on either side of your spine for a more tailored massage experience.

HoMedics SBM 300 Features List:

  • Shiatsu PLUS Rolling Massage
  • Spot Massage
  • Adjustable Width Setting
  • 3-speed Seat Vibration Massage
  • Programmable Touch Pad Control
  • 6 programs: Full, Lower, or Upper Back in Shiatsu or Rolling
  • Fits easily over most home and office chairs

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