HoMedics Shiatsu
Massage Chair Pad

For the price of just 2 or 3 massage therapy sessions, you can buy a HoMedics shiatsu massage chair pad or cushion and use it repeatedly.

Homedics Massage Chair Pad Models

HoMedics SBM-200 Back Massager

Consumers Digest once gave the SBM-200 a Best Buy award. It's available in two versions - one with a heat function and the other without (the SBM-200H includes heat).

Currently, the SBM-200 shiatsu massage chair pad has over 200 owner reviews at Amazon.com with an impressive average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Read Reviews & Buy Now: $69.98

SBM-200H Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat

The SBM-200H is basically the same as the SBM-200. The difference is that the 200H includes a heating option.

Read Reviews & Buy Now: $79.99


Like the SBM-200, the SBM-300 includes the shiatsu style circular and deep kneading massage action.

However, the SBM-300 gives you the option to choose a Rolling massage. It’s a gentler up and down massaging action that rolls across your muscles.

Two more customization features available with the SBM-300 are…

Spot Shiatsu – This holds the massage action in the spot you need it.

Adjustable Width Control – The width control adjusts the width of the massage rollers to custom fit your body.

Also, there are 6 preset program options (compared to 3 offered by the SBM-200).

The SBM-300H includes a heating function.


The SBM-400 has the features of the SBM-200 and 300, but it expands its massage coverage area by using 4 massage rollers instead of 2.

The SBM-400 and SBM-400H (heat included) are pictured below.

Check out a full list of HoMedics massage chair pads and other products at low prices here.

A massage pad allows you to turn an ordinary chair into a soothing massage chair. And the best part?

You can receive a massage anytime in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else.

It may not feel like the “real” thing, but a massage pad is a convenient and much cheaper alternative.

HoMedics SBM 300

HoMedics massage chair reviews

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