Fujikura 2000
Massage Chair

The Fujikura 2000 message chair is a very good choice for potential buyers due to its competitive price; you get a lot of features for your money, you are going to get a quality massage recliner for a really good price.

The Fujikura 2000 message chair offers the following massage functions

1. shiatsu2. kneading3. tapping4. wavelet5. pummel6. rhythm

Additionally, there are three special massage modes. The Point massage uses rolling, kneading, pushing or tapping massage to continuously massage a particular point along the spine. The Moving massage, as the name implies, moves along the spine. The Auto Massage mode offers a complete 20-minute massage using all massage modes.

The Fujikura 2000 message chair also offers the music therapy system; you can listen to your favorite music while you enjoy your massage, al in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Also included with the Fujikura 2000 message chair;

• Contemporary look and stylish chair• Full function 11 motor system, with an intelligent 4 roller system, that will measure the shape of the back and automatically adjusts the 4 rollers• The vertical length of the back rollers, are 29 inches long• The foot rest has 20 air bags that allow for fine tuning of the foot massage, there are 5 levels to choose from for a stronger to a weaker massage• Body shape sensor, the massage rollers automatically adjusts to your body shape and shoulder height• Special neck massage function• This chair also has air bags in the thigh and buttock sections to help alleviate lower body stiffness• Built in mp3 player • It comes in leather match upholstery and is available in black, ivory or brown

It has power recline but it is not a push once system, you have to continuously keep it pressed until it reaches its maximum reclined position at 170 degrees. For those with a short reach it means they will have to remain seated until the chair is fully reclined before they can then lie down

The Fujikura 2000 message chair is very impressive and is definitely one of the best robotic massage chairs you can buy at this price, and it gets very high ratings from just about every customer review.

All Fujikura robotic massage chairs comes with a 5-year warranty that which includes full coverage of all parts and labor for 3 years.

Fujikura Massage Chairs

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