7 Massage Chair Features

The article below will talk about 7 features you should consider before you purchase a massage chair.

7 Features That You Should Consider Before Buying a Massage Chair
By Steve Taylo

A massage chair can be a great enhancement for your gym, home or office. A large number of people today contemplate about investing in massage chairs because of the innumerable health benefits that a massage chair offers to users. However, buying a massage chair is not an easy task, considering the wide variety of models available in the market. With our list of the most important things to look for in a massage chair, you will be able to make a good purchase decision regarding the kind of massage chair that will be best suited for your needs.

Height and Width: Most people who invest in massage chairs want them to be used by all members of the family, who might have different massage needs and physiological structures. A basic massage chair is made to cater to a body measuring around 5'10" and cannot be adjusted for different body shapes and sizes. But the best massage chairs in the market, like the Pro Elite range of Panasonic massage chairs features automatic adjustments for height and width, which ensures that you get the massage that you want instead of getting massaged at a totally different area of the body. Make sure that you test ride a massage chair before buying one to see how it fits your body.

Speed and Intensity: Another important adjustment that most Panasonic and Sanyo massage chairs feature is a provision for the adjustment of intensity. At times, you might want a soft massage and at other times, crave a strong one. Therefore, an intensity adjustment feature, along with a massage speed adjuster is something that you might want to spend extra for.

Focused Massaging: Most of the high end models of Panasonic and Sanyo massage chair recliners have functions that let you massage certain oft used and some oft neglected areas of the body. If you sit at a desk all day, then investing in a chair with a neck massage function (mind you, most massage chairs do not have this) is advised. For people who want their legs to be in good health, massage chairs that have features like calf massage and motors that vibrate your glutes and hamstrings should be considered.

Temperature: Most massage chairs do not have a heating function. However, people who suffer from constant body ache and who are well versed with the comfort that a hot shower provides will definitely want to invest in a chair that comes with heat pads and temperature adjustments. A chair that provides heating generally makes for a better massage keeping all other things constant, so if you have the dough for it, shell it out.

Kind of Massage: Basic massage chair recliners provide you with one kind of a massage at a time-rolling, tapping or kneading. But high end massage chairs have controls that let you get an almost human massage that involves all kinds of movements like kneading, tapping and rolling all at the same time. If you want something even better, then a Shiatsu massage chair, which imitates a traditional Shiatsu massage with pressing, tapping, rolling and rotating motions is a great option.

Steve is an electro-mechanical technician by training. He has been involved with massage chairs for the past 15 years. Steve is dedicated to helping others achieve their long-term health goals by offering the top shiatsu massage chairs in the marketplace today at massageunlimited.com.

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If you take the things outlined in this article into consideration before you make your purchase, you're more likely to buy a massage chair that you'll be happy with for a long time.

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